I just saw the trailer for Seventh Son

What in the hell was that? I mean, why would you do this to the Wardstone Chronicles books? It's like they only took the basic outline of the first book (The Spook's Apprentice) and then changed everything else to turn it into this generic looking fantasy action movie. At least the trailer says that it's only "inspired by the acclaimed series", except it doesn't tell you which series it actually is since the title of the movie is not the title of the series or even the first book.

One would think that a dark fantasy YA book series would try more to get the Harry Potter crowd and therefore keep it closer to the source material. Or did they not want another Percy Jackson on their hands? Anyway, I suggest people check out the books, there are an enjoyable and short read with a likable protagonist (who is 13 in the books, btw) and an interesting take on the whole witch hunter story.


A Monster in Paris

Probably not the best animated movie ever made, but definitely worth a watch, at least for the music. Sadly my Blue Ray disc did not have the original French audio, so I bought the soundtrack.

Here's the best song and, in my opinion, the best scene of the whole movie.