Tora_Chan (t0ra_chan) wrote,

30 Days of Anime Meme - Day 22

That would be Ranmaru and Enjoji from Kizuna. I like the dynamic between the two since unlike other yaoi couple they are actually equals and even Ranmaru (the uke) isn't girly, weak or cries all the time. He is the more sensitive one though, but he doesn't act like a girl without breast and a penis. Also, unlike most couples, there are in an established relationship and the hardships they faced aren't the typical deep dark secret/tragic, angsty past stuff we normally get, and not just in yaoi managas and animes. I admit, these are more of a manga couple than an anime one, but there is a Kizuna anime so it counts.


Tags: anime, meme, shonen-ai, yaoi
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