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New Figure Review

This time we'll take a look at a trading figure from the video game Darkstalkers.

Here we have B. B. Hood (Baby Bonnie Hood a.k.a. Bulleta), my favorite character from the games.



It's pretty close to her original design, sadly the face is a bit generic. As you can already tell by the machine gun in her hand, she isn't your typical Little Red Riding Hood. You can remove the basket, but sadly not the gun.

But, and here's the good part, she actually comes with extras. First you can remove her hood and get an attachment that makes it look like as if she pulled her hood back.


Then you can also remove the arm that's holding the machine gun and replace it with a bend arm. This arm than can hold the next two items. First, the microphone:


And second, the knife:


Awww, she's gonna cut you, isn't she cute?

And the last part is an extra face, which you can attach by removing her bangs and taking the original face off.


This though looks very goofy, I'm sad to say, and doesn't look like any expression she has in the game. I think a maniacal grin would have been much more fitting. You know, like this:


But since the figure comes with so many extras and only cost 5,99€, I really cannot complain so much. You can also get the exact same figure but with a black dress instead of the red one.

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