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I fail at baking

I recently saw a recipe for little baked chicks, made from yeast dough. I figured that would be easy enough for me to make. Here is what they are supposed to look like:


Since I don't like raisins, I decided to make the eyes out of sugar pearls.

The nightmare inducing result can be found behind the cut.



It only gets worse.



A turd crying blood, how appetizing.

Mind you, they didn't taste bad, quite okay actually. But they didn't turn fluffy at all and were really heavy, sitting in your stomach like a rock. I don't think I need to mention that they look nothing like chicks. *sigh* I guess baking just isn't for me, at least not this recipe.


Oh-- oh no, that's... :'D

I feel like a dick for laughing out loud, these little creatures look so sad and pathetic. Please forgive me, and don't be discouraged. ;) The only problem I think is that the sugar pearls melted, creating the BAWWW effect. I'm sure they taste really well though!
It's fine, heck, I'm laughing at myself about this. Mind you, they did taste fine, just very heavy because the dough wouldn't rise.
They look like the larvae of some eldritch abomination. At least they were modestly tasty, though? It's a long time since I made any bread, and mine was just shaped like bread, so I admire your ambition.
I have made bread and buns before, but they weren't made with yeast. For some reason the dough would not rise, maybe the yeast wasn't good anymore. They did taste okay, at least my dad seemed to think so, considering that he ate four of them.