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I smell a shipping war in the air

Why? Because of this new clip for the new TMNT show that was released:

And since Casey will be in the series too, I just know there will be people fighting over who April should be with. (I personally suspect most people will ship April/Don and then get pissed over the unavoidable April/Casey ship that'll become canon.)

Argh, why Nickelodeon, why do this? I know that the 2003 series also had Donny crushing on April, but it only started in season two and even then it was just a little bit. I can already see the enraged fangirls when April will ultimately break Donny's heart, calling her all kinds of names. Why can't she just be their friend?

And why am I so sure that April will end up with Casey? Because they always end up together in canon (well, not the old cartoon, but April didn't have a love interest in that one). I highly doubt they're going to change that and go for the interspecies romance instead.


Weeellll to be fair, in the movie Mikey had a crush on April, so it's not like the 2003 series made this a new thing.

But yeah, she'll end up with Casey, because bestiality is icky.
I thought Raph was crushing on April, Mikey was crushing on the Ninja chick in the third movie though. Either way, both didn't get the girl.

I think what bothers me the most is the whole "love at first sight" thing.
I didn't watch the 2003 series or the third movie. but in the first, which I recently watched because my nephew actually auditioned for some Voice Acting for them, Mikey was definitely flirting.

Besides, Raph only has eyes for Leo. (And I'm not even into slash...)