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Sailor Mars

Wolverine and the X-Men Episode 16 and 17 re-watch

You can read them here and here.

Episode 16 was a future episode, which I'm generally not very fond of and episode 17 is the most boring episode on the whole show, where Wolverine fights the Silver Samurai.


I have the dvd of that, but haven't watched anything except the first three episodes. So it's worth watching all the way through? I've been meaning to, but just never get around to it.
I don't think every episode is worth watching (e.g. episode 17 is boring and doesn't develop anything, it's just another episode glorifying Wolverine). Since you're a Gambit fan, maybe you should check out episode 5 and 22 since they're the once with Gambit in them. Otherwise all the Nightcrawler centric episodes (6,10 and 15) are worth checking out. And probably the last three episodes since that's the big finale. The rest of the episodes are either give or take. I personally don't like the Wolverine centric episodes or the ones that take place in the future.